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Rocky Point Native Mix 30L

Specifically formulated to provide an ideal growing environment for natives Rocky Point‘s Native Mix releases quality fertiliser into the soil for 9 months.

Brunnings Propagating Sand 5L

Brunnings Propagating Sand is a coarse grade sand that is ideal for cuttings, cactus and orchid back bulbs and to add to heavy clay soils to improve the drainage and prevent the clay particles sticking together.

Brunnings Perlite 5L

Brunnings Perlite in an ideal medium for propagating, hydroponics, and hanging baskets.

Brunnings Dolomite 5kg

Brunnings Dolomite is the ideal medium for correcting soil pH levels, allowing penetration of air and moisture, which providing essential calcium and magnesium to your plants.

Brunnings Easy Wetta Wetter Granules 5kg

Easy Wetta Wetter Granules save water by improving water penetration in the soil. Wetter Granules keep moisture in the root zones longer and reduces run off resulting in stronger, deeper root systems.

Brunnings Easy Wetta Soil Wetter Hose On 2.4L

Easy Wetta is a specially formulated wetting agent that can be used on lawns, gardens and even potting mixes.