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Lamb bottle with Pritchard teat - 1LTR

For hand feeding of new born lambs. Includes a Bainbridge Supreme Lamb Teat with Valve. Capacity of 1 litre. Made in Australia.

Supreme Lamb Feeder

• Our Bainbridge Supreme Feeders are made to the highest standards • Robust construction and features our ergonomically designed handle • The bottle will empty when the lamb is feeding and can be stood up on a flat surface • Includes a Supreme Lamb Teat • This feeder is best for lambs as they get stronger as teat is more robust • Capacity 2.5 litre • Made in Australia

Pritchard Lamb Teat with valve

This is the original Pritchard Teat (top quality). Made from soft Latex rubber with a built in flutter valve ball bearing system (which allows air into the bottle as the lambs are sucking). Ideal for new born lambs, kids or other small animals. Includes a sturdy cap that screws onto PET bottles (such as soft drink bottles).

Supreme Lamb Teat - Black

Our supreme lamb teats will not leak from the tip and will only flow once the lamb is feeding. Made from stronger and higher quality rubber than other teats. Suitable for all feeders with a 22mm opening.

Sheep/Goat halter

A popular adjustable web halter with chrome plated fittings. Especially made for these breeds. Available in Red and Blue.

Alpaca Halter

• Adjustable halter suitable for all alpaca types more than a year old • Special construction prevents excessive pressure on the sensitive Alpaca nose even when leading • Made of nylon and washable. Available in Red and Blue.