Organics Plus Blood & Bone Fertiliser Pellets 25kg

Manufacturer: RockyPoint
An organic based granular fertiliser made from rich organic blood and bone. This versatile fertiliser is ideal for feeding your flowers, fruit and vegetables.
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High Performance, and easy to use.

Blood & Bone product avoids many of the problems associated with traditional Blood & Bone powder. Blood & Bone is traditionally a sterile product from the cooking and drying process. Hard to spread in a powder form, the convenience of these pellets means the product won’t wash away and is easier to spread by hand or spinner.

  • With organic Blood and Bone to boost overall plant health and yield whilst improving soil
  • PLUS natural potash booster -gives extra colour and flavour
  • With organic phosphorus to stimulate root growth
  • With fast-acting nitrogen from Blood Meal to stimulate growth rate and to ''green-up'' the foliage
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