Greenworld Organics Organic Compost 25L

Manufacturer: RockyPoint
A quality organic blend great for all plants and vegetables and ideal for the rejuvenation of all gardens.
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Greenworld Organics Organic Compost is a high quality, pure compost mix that meets strict testing standards in line with Australian Standards 4454.

  1. Rich Organic Compost
  2. Sustainable and renewable resource
  3. Great for all plants and vegetables
  4. Improves soils structure and water retention
  5. Feeds earthworms and other soil biology
  6. Excellent source of micro-nutrients

Used successfully by expert home gardeners with excellent results; Greenworld Organics Compost immediately improves soil structure and nutrition by encouraging microbial activity which leads to superior soil aeration, increased wettability and fertiliser efficiency. Greenworld Organics Organic Compost is loaded with nutrient enriched organics specially formulated to stimulate growth, encourage profound root formations and prosperous yields.

Greenworld Organics Organic Compost is an excellent source of micro-nutrients that may be over looked by gardeners, such as boron, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

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