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Mi-Feed Calf Muesli 20KG

The most palatable calf muesli on the market, producing great growth rates. Designed for both beef and dairy calves from 1 week of age to 8 months. Molasses makes feed more palatable and attractive to young calves. Contains Lasolocid Sodium at 41.25mg/kg – this is added to improve liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle. Also helps with control of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding caused by Eimeria Sp. in growing cattle. Micronised grains allow maximum digestibility and energy utilisation of the grains. Fortified with all minerals and vitamins essential for maintaining health. Molasses is added for palatiability – helps calves accept feed easier and keeps them eating.

Calf Weaner Meal 20KG

The Cooloola Stockfeed Mill in the heart of Gympie has milled and supplied stockfeed to Cooloola Shire farmers in the region since 1927. We source pure wholegrains like barley, maize, sorghum, wheat and cottonseed solely from Australian growers.