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Black Sunflower Seeds - 20KG

Quality dressed seed grains with a high oil content. Excellent for adding coat shine to your animals.

AGM Budgie Mix - 20KG

Mix that contains quality dressed grain seeds suitable for budgerigars from growing through to breeding stages. It provides balanced nutrition for hungry Budgies, with a special selection of quality seeds that they love to eat, including: Canary Seed to help maintain muscles, skin, feathers and beak, White French Millet containing carbohydrates, for extra energy and Canola Seed, which is high in protein.

AGM Finch Mix - 20KG

Manufactured from quality seeds and grains and contain all necessary nutrients for your birds. Milling Finch Mix is appropriate to be fed to Finches, Budgies, Canaries and all other small seed eating birds with the exception of hatchlings. Ensure the birds have access to clean water at all times. Provide green leafy lettuce or grass leaves as a minimum of once a week. Storage: Clean, cool dry place. Ingredients: Canary Seed, Panicum, White French Millet Jap Millet, Red Panicum

AGM Cracked Corn - 20KG

Cracked corn is great if you want to make your own feeds or supplement others.

AGM Parrot Mix - 20KG

PARROT MIX is suitable for feeding all classes of parrots. Feed to growing and breeding parrots with the exception of hatchlings.

AGM Peachface Mix - 20KG

Except for hatchlings, Peach-face Mix is appropriate to be fed to Peach-faces; (also known as Love Birds) , Cockatiels and small parrots. Ensure access to clean water at all times.